The concept after establishing
the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Our credo is “Women’s Health”

Ena Municipal Hospital conceives a long-term vision after establishing
the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • The need for
    private doctors to care forpatients with gynecological disorders

  • An environment
    that can respond
    to minor surgery

  • Organizing an
    system to care for
    women with pregnancies
    with relatively_
    low-risk complications

First of all, we will address the diagnosis of gynecological disorders for which the needs of private doctors are pressing, an environment that can respond to minor surgery, and a system to accept not only normal pregnancies, but also pregnancies with relatively low-risk complications.

  • To Improve Staff Skills

    To improve staff skills, we will promote participation in internal and external training and academic conferences, while offering an ongoing ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics) Provider Course jointly with the Japan Association for Development of Community Health and the NPO Organization for the Advancement of Pregnancy, Perinatal and Infant Care. In particular, we would like midwives to be trained in ultrasonography, emergency response, and contraceptive (sex) education in order to broaden their skills.

  • Plan after Improving their Skills

    After raising staff skill levels, we are planning to expand and improve medical services for women, such as the acceptance of gynecological cancer patients (chemotherapy and palliative care), and various kinds of gynecological surgeries..

  • Our Ultimate Goal

    Our ultimate goal is to establish a comprehensive Women’s Health Center within the hospital and undertake prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care, sex education/contraceptive education for pubescent children, smoking-cessation and health education for women wishing to bear children, and support women before and after menopause. EMH’s greater vision is to develop a community in which women of all ages can enjoy healthy and vigorous lives.


  • Prenatal, Delivery,
    and Postnatal Care

  • Sex Education
    Contraceptive Education
    For Pubescent Children

  • Education on Smoking-cessation
    Health Education
    For Women Wishing to Bear Children

  • Support for the Climacteric Age and before and after Menopause


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